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Cannabidiol Hemp Oil, also known as CBD Hemp Oil has been making waves within the pet community. It is said that CBD Hemp Oil helps dogs with a number of conditions such as:





Chronic Pain


And many more.

CannaCanine is a Canadian based company located in Toronto that offers CBD products. Their products are made out of %100 Non-GMO Pure Organic Hemp that contain no psychoactive properties which make it safe for dogs to ingest. No part of the plant goes to waste, they use everything down to the seeds into their products! You can learn more about CBD in dogs by clicking here.

What exactly is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) 1/113 compounds found in cannabis plants like hemp. CBD does not have psychoactive effects like THC does. It helps bring wellness and balance to dogs. It activates certain receptors in your pets system, the benefits, and advantages of CBD last longer in a pet’s system than humans. 

CannaCanine offers 3 different products.

CannaCanine CBD Hemp Oil

The first product is the CBD Hemp Oil itself in a 30 ml bottle. If your dog isn’t picky you can give it to them by a dropper. One full dropper contains 17 mg of CBD.

Dogs under 50 lbs they only need 1 drop daily, over 50lbs 2 drops daily. The bottle goes a long way. 

I am most excited to give this a try as Chino is now considered a senior and I am noticing it more and more in his joints so I want to incorporate CBD oil into his regimen and see if it is beneficial for him. I have not tried it as of yet as we are currently trying out hyaluronic acid injections and I do not want the results to overlap. However, once he is done this is next on my list to try to help ease his pain. He is highly allergic to green-lipped mussel which is very beneficial for the pain but he cannot have it. 

CannaCanine Verde Gluten & Egg Free CBD Dog Treats

If your dog is the picky type they offer it in a very healthy treat! These treats are %100 Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, and Egg Free. There is 2.5 mg of CBD per treat and there are 12 treats per bag.

Okay, the simple fact that Chino even eats these with how PICKY he can be is amazing in itself. He gobbles them up and absolutely loves them which is great! 

Everything in the ingredients is organic. Organic honey, organic peanut butter, organic unsweetened applesauce, organic banana, organic rice flour, organic flaxseed, organic rosemary extract, and of course, organic hemp CBD oil.

It can’t get any more organic than that!

CBD Elk Antler Chews

These Antler chews aren’t like the rest. They are glazed and coated with a CBD hemp infused honey. Chino loved this and even made a point to lick off all of the honey substance off of it.  Always remember to keep your dog under supervision while chewing on their elk antler treat.

While it’s hard to determine the anxiety decreasing benefits with my super chill dog, I have seen the inflammation on his joints around his paws. I definitely plan to continue to use the products on Chino and monitor his progress as I am always happy to use more holistic and natural methods with him.  

You can purchase their products through their website or in person at one of these stores.

CannaCanine also works with a dog rescue called Canine Heaven. They provide CBD products for dogs in need. 

For more information on CannaCanine you can visit their website at:


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