Woof Woof Wednesday Turdlebag Giveaway!

I want to introduce you Turdlebag an innovative product that provides a solution that all pet owners have experienced at some time or another. I often let our dog walkers know to be mindful of where the nearest trash can is because often we are stuck for blocks carrying poop.

We got this lovely plum  colour and it came with some Earth Rated Poop Bags already inside.  

Turdlebag is a leash bag specifically designed to hold full bags of dog poo until you reach the garbage. It provides a convenient way to carry the pick-up-bag(s), making walking carefree and providing a better option than leaving full pick-up-bags along the sidewalk, path, or trail (or not picking up at all). 
“We have designed the Turdlebag with the utmost attention to detail. In addition to producing an excellent product, our company is focused on using the best possible practices as good citizens of the planet. “
The bottom of the Turdlebag has a handle so that you simply lift and throw away the poop essentially hands-free. It has a little pocket for items such as keys or money and is conveniently machine washable too. 
Turdlebag also donates 5% of annual profits to organizations supporting shelter dogs, dogs for vets, and therapy dogs.
We want to give you the chance to try out your very own Turdlebag and are giving one away! Check out details below!

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