Woof Woof Wednesday Tech to Keep Your Dog Happy While You’re at Work

Leaving your dog at home alone all day while you’re at work can be anxiety-provoking, both for you and your dog. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of novel devices designed to keep your pet safe, healthy and entertained throughout the workday. Here are a few examples of tech that will prove useful to any busy dog owner:


An honoree of the Innovation Award at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, PetNet’s Smartfeeder will let you feed your dog the exact amount of food they need remotely. The feeder is an electronically-controlled container that delivers precisely measured amounts of food. Understanding that every pet is unique and that foods are now targeted to specific dietary needs, the device takes into account the food’s ingredients, compares them to a robust database of pet food and delivers the appropriate amount for your pet’s size, activity level and breed. Like most new devices, you will want to have an updated smartphone, such as the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, to download the app that allows you to monitor or override the SmartFeeder itself. The SmartFeeder retails at $149.

Motorola MultiCollar

Technology innovator Binatone, with the help of Motorola, is bringing your dog into the 21st century of technology with their line of electronic pet monitors. These devices, which attach to your dog’s collar, do everything from tracking movement to calling you when the dog barks. When your dog starts to bark, the MultiCollar will automatically call you so you can use your voice to comfort your pup. The other fun feature of the collar is that it has a camera that will stream to your mobile device and let you see the world from your dog’s point of view. The Binatone pet system starts at $169.

Netatmo Presence

Maker of security products, Netatmo, made the list of pet products because of the unique functions of their security systems. The Netatmo Presence outdoor security camera is able to detect and filter out pets in the house. The Presence system also has a special tracking function for your dog that alerts you if your furry friend has escaped the yard. When you want your pooch to get a daily dose of playtime outside, the system is able to follow him. The Netatmo Presence system sells for $299.99.

LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar

If the Motorola Multicollar is the pet equivalent of a GoPro, then the LINK AKC collar is the FitBit for the happy and healthy dog. The LINK AKC collar, which won actually the CES Innovation award, is specifically designed for the active dog that needs times and space to play. The collar, which goes for $149, has an extensive tracking system as well as a health reporting function. This function lets you know how much energy your pup has expended, alerts you of the temperature and maintains all of your pet’s vet records. Keep in mind that, because it is attached to a global network, there is a $9.95 monthly charge for the tracking features.


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