Woof Woof Wednesday: Pet & Pet Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are quickly approaching and we have a gift for everyone on your list.

Image courtesy of BirchBarandCo on Etsy
Custom Pet Ornament - This can be customized to any breed & personalized to include their pet's name
This soft squeaky dog toy stimulates mental play with a fun game of hide and seek!
Squirrel Puzzle Game – This comes in a number of sizes and stimulates your dog's mind.

Transparent Window Design, and you can wear the backpack either on your back or in your front, which allows your pets to enjoy the sunshine and scenery with you and interact with the outside world
Pet Carrier – For the owner who brings their pup everywhere and wants to do so in style.
Personalize the necklace with a portrait of their pet along with their name or nickname!
Photo courtesy of MignonandMignon on Etsy.
Custom Necklace & Charm – Super adorable and comes in silver and gold.

The customization options for this blanket are endless!
Photo courtesy of
DesignMyDog on Etsy.
Custom Blanket – This can be gifted to a dog owner or the dog because being under a cozy blanket is what winter is all about!

Treats Happen gives back! They regularly donate treats and money, and help to promote rescue partners through their social channels. Check them out!
Treats Happen – Shop their grain free treats, suitable for every dog.

Easy to clean - this removable cover is machine washable.
Memory Foam Bed – Highly recommended as a worthwhile investment in supporting your pet's joints.

100% Natural made from Yak & Cow Milk with Salt & Lime Juice
Yak Chew – you can never have too many of these! They last for a long time and provide mental stimulation and hours of entertainment.

This pup is pictured in the Alaskan Army Parka - a functional winter parka with a luxurious sherpa lining!
Canada Pooch Dog Apparel & Accessories - Find the latest and greatest dog apparel and accessories designed to keep your pup warm and dry all season.

NOVEMBER, 28 / 2018

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