12144117_1644065889205861_1618501624_nYou’ve booked the venue, reserved the photographer, tasted all the cakes and sent out the invites. But wait! You forgot about one VIP – your pet – on your wedding day. Just the thought is overwhelming – so much to do and how can you get your dog to the venue, keep him/her out of trouble while there, and then get him/her down the aisle at just the right moment without totally stressing yourself out?

We’d like to introduce you to the first and only wedding dog attendant service in Ontario. We will provide the utmost care and professional service available. We are your official wedding dog sitter for the Toronto and surrounding area. 


To make the day special and stress-free, Leash & Paws offers a special Wedding Day Service. From beginning to end, we take care of your dog, chauffeur them around as needed and help you organize everything you need to have the perfect day, accompanied by your best friend. We understanding including your pet in your wedding is as important as including your family and friends. 

All photos viewed on this page are from weddings we have taken part in and been wedding dog attendants for.

How to Enjoy Your Pet on Your Wedding Day:


We recommend the dog go to the rehearsal, to become familiar with the venue, so he/she won’t be as distracted during the big moment. Then for the wedding, we will coordinate with the wedding planner to pick up the dog, hand off to the walk down the aisle and then handle the dog sitting during the ceremony. Once the ceremony is complete, we will handle the dog for the photography session with the photographer and encourage good poses with treats. After the photos have been taken, we will provide transportation back, allowing you to enjoy the reception. If you’re planning to dress your dog, we can help with coordinating and dressing as well.

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For Best Results:
Have your wedding coordinator confirm that your venue allows dogs and that the property directors spell out the exact details. Then set up a time to meet with us so that we can determine any special needs and discuss details for the day. We will want to meet your dog before the wedding and establish a calm and friendly relationship. Let your wedding party know of your plans to include your dog in their part of the ceremony. And finally, a shampoo and grooming the day before the festivities will make everyone wedding-ready! We can even provide a dog-safe cake for your best friend to enjoy and share in all the fun.

Enjoy your time with your dog on your wedding day and let us help you make those lifetime memories very special and stress-free.

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Contact us directly at so that we can discuss the details of your requirements and provide appropriate pricing. We will travel to various locations in Ontario to your wedding venue. We do not have a designated service area for the wedding services.
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