Wedding Wednesday: Propsals

As many of you already know we love dogs in weddings! What about the whole proposal that leads to the wedding? That's pretty important and likely to be the story you tell your grandkids for years to come. Many furry friends are couples' first baby, therefore, including him or her in the proposal is a popular gesture! Below are some tips & tricks for featuring your dogs in your proposal!
Ring Around The Collar
This is a very classic proposal with the doggy having the engagement ring attached to his/her collar. Make it extra special by having your dog wear a bow, floral collar or a bow tie for that extra dapper look.
TIP: for added security (depending on your dog) you can put the ring inside a ring box. Timing is important so do a few test runs with your dog and make sure he/she comes over when called for their part.

Message in a Bottle
Ok not necessarily a message IN a bottle but a written proposal that utilizes your pup. You can get a dog tag made that simply says "will you marry me" or have a little sign around your dogs neck that pops the big question for you!

Balancing Act
This requires skill on behalf of your dog. Practice, practice, practice. We also recommend using a box with this one. Tell your fiancé to be, "Hey look at Rover's new trick!" And have your dog patiently waiting with the ring box balanced on their nose!

Custom Clothing
Have a shirt or hoodie made for your dog that does the proposing for you. It will surely catch anyone's attention and after reading the message be prepared for tears.

Once you have proposed, choose Leash & Paws to help make your engagement photos and wedding even more memorable by featuring your pup in the pictures! Click here for more info!