Wedding Wednesday - February is National Wedding Month!

Have you ever wondered where our wedding traditions come from? So have we! We've done some research and you might be surprised by what we've found.
It's National Wedding Month (in the states, but we can celebrate too!) So, of course, the reason why you get married is to officially commit and be bonded to the person you love. Forever and ever. Now, have you ever wondered, 'How did that start?' Who said 'Hey, you two are together but it only becomes official once we have a big ceremony with all your friends and family!' Who? And why? I have searched Google high and low and came up with so many different answers. But the most common and earliest record show to unify and show respect for a higher being. Through time getting married had different meanings. For love, for wealth, or for power.
Why do we have bridesmaids and groomsmen?
Back then they all dressed the same as the bride and groom. It was so that it would confuse evil spirits or jealous suitors. Kind of like a little army to defend you (Uh, cool but scary).

The Best Man
Up until the 18th century, it was common for a groom to abduct his bride. He would have a few men help him on this 'mission'. The one who proved to be the most skilled would become 'The Best Man'.

The Wedding Ring
Over time the ring became a display of commitment. Diamonds were added to show a sign of wealth and eventually became a tradition. But let's all be honest, diamonds are beautiful and who wouldn't want to rock one?? Interesting Fact – An average engagement ring cost around $4k. Woah!

The White Dress
You can thank Queen Victoria for this fashion trend. White was a valued colour back in the 1800's. It was difficult to achieve and hard to maintain. Which meant wearing white, once again, was to demonstrate wealth. Before the white dress, women would wear their best dress. Interesting Fact #2 – An average gown costs $800!

So get this, bouquets were originally made of herbs instead of flowers. It was said that it would ward off evil spirits.
Clearly, times have changed (thankfully) and now, instead of stressing about getting kidnapped, we can stress about matching colours and where our guests have to sit. I was intrigued to look for the first dog to ever be incorporated into a wedding but found nothing. I eventually got into the weird part of Google and gave up. That being said, dogs in weddings have become a popular thing over the years. A lot of couples find themselves treating their dog as their own child (nothing wrong with that, I do love my fur baby). Whether it's because they raised it together or simply because they can't have a child of their own. Having their dog join in on their special day is an added bonus to a dream come true. Venues and receptions have been open to our four-legged friends which have made it easier to incorporate them!
Not all pups are made for the spotlight or can handle the noises. Other ways you can have them be part of the wedding are engagement photos, breed-shaped cake toppers, through invitation design or wedding favours.

Leash & Paws (that's us!) offer a unique, wedding dog attendant service. We help ensure that your wedding day goes smooth WITH your dog by your side. We are proud to support this new trend which will hopefully become a tradition of its own. Interested in making history? Check out our wedding day options and we hope to see you soon!

FEBRUARY, 13 / 2019

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