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Purina Hall Of Fame 2019

We were ecstatic when we were entrusted with the care of these life-saving dogs again! This year the inductees came from Sault Ste Marie, Calgary, and Niagara-On-The-Lake. The event took place at Evergreen Brickworks and had a red carpet to give the dogs and their families the full 5-star treatment to receive their medals.


Tucker saved his entire family from a massive house fire by alerting them before the fire alarms even went off.


Rosco was able to help a family memeber reach the phone to call 911 and get to the door to allow paramedics to help him.


Shelby stepped in to save her mom from a bear attack and suffered several injuries in doing so. She is a sweetheart and such a brave girl!

You can view their videos and full stories here

Shelby’s Story
Tucker’s Story
Rosco’s Story

FurFriday Purina Hall Of Fame Dogs

As you may or may not know. The Purina Hall Of Fame celebrated 50 years of pet heroes last week. We were trusted with the care of the 2018 inductees while their families explored Toronto. Below are some fun photos and their stories.

Arik flew in from Nova Scotia to receive his medal. He helped find and rescue an elderly man who was out skiing. He is a former police dog and was a sweetheart to watch.

Sabrina saved her owner Adele by warning her other owner that she had fallen down the stairs. She woke him up and directed him to where her owner was laying. Sabrina has such a close-knit relationship with her owner and still keeps an eye on her every chance she gets.

Ruth & Lady flew in all the way from British Columbia! They helped save their owners life after he rolled his truck over with them in. They luckily were not harmed but their owner Matt was severely injured. While one kept Matt warm and watched over him the other got the attention of someone nearby to get help.


These remarkable dogs were a pleasure to watch and we were just as excited as the owners to see them receive their medals.







Woof Woof Wednesday {Purina Animal Hall Of Fame}


The media was buzzing last week with stories about the Purina Animal Hall Of Fame Ceremony here in Toronto! This ceremony honors pets (both dogs & cats) who have saved a human life. These heroic animals have put their very own lives on the line to save their humans. The best part of this entire thing was that Leash & Paws was chosen to care for the dogs who traveled from all over Canada while their families explored the city. How cool is that? We were entrusted with the care of these heroic dogs who saved lives.

The Leash & Paws team  cared for the dogs before, during and after the ceremony so we got some cool behind the scene pics too. Check out a quick recap on the three dogs we watched. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 5.15.11 PM


Meet Raya from Fort St. John British Columba. She received a medal this year because she helped her owner and his mom avoid a bear attack while out on an elk hunt excursion. Raya is four years old and a Lab – Norwegian Elkhound mix.


She enjoyed lots of cuddle time with us and was super sweet!

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 5.15.11 PM


We also cared for this inductee Zola who is from Toronto (#TorontoDogHero) is a Labradoodle. She was being honored because her owner Matthew collapsed in the upper level of their home. If it wasn’t for Zola barking and causing as much attention as she did no one in the home would have known to call paramedics. 


Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 5.15.11 PM


Rex was the third dog we were honored to care for.  Rex is an Alaskan Malamute German Shephard mix.  He is from Aberdeen Saskatchewan. He saved his owner’s mom’s life while asleep on Christmas Day on the couch feeling ill a fire began, Rex alerted his grandma several times until he managed to wake her up. He even attempted to drag her out himself. The entire house was engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived. Way to go Rex!


Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 5.15.11 PM

We are so happy and honored to have cared for these amazing pups during their stay in the city. Each of them received a medal and plaque in their honor.


There were two other dogs who were honored during the ceremony named Lonca – a Toronto Police Service dog & Shadow from BC who is a seizure response dog to his owner.

CP24 also wrote an awesome article and had someone cover the behind the scenes of the event. Watch each dog’s story here. You can see the L&P team with each dog too!