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Fur Friday Patios & Dogs

With the sun FINALLY shining, patios will be opening all over and some will even welcome your four-legged friend. Below are some tips for pet etiquette while at outdoor patios.

  • Make sure to pack a few essentials for your dogs such as a travel bowl and some snacks to avoid giving him/her food off your plate
  • Bring a non-flexi leash that you can tether to your chair to ensure your dog cannot run off
  • Ensure with the hostess that your dog is in fact allowed on the patio premises (some by laws allow dogs on the other side of the fenced area of a patio to ensure that they are away from food items)
  • Ask to be seated in a shady area so that your pooch does not overheat
  • Before sitting make sure there is not food on the ground where your dog will sit, purses, bags or other items they  may get into
  • Prior to leaving make sure to return any bowls that may have been provided to you, check if your dog may have gone to the bathroom while you were not looking and be sure to thank your waitress

Enjoy the summer with your dog and make the most of it!