Fur Friday {Protect Your Wheels With 4Knines 🚗 }


Happy Friday we have a giveaway today! I obviously cannot get enough 4Knines, we blogged about them previously for our Road Trip Must Haves. The back seat cover saved the rental car we had. 

4knines cargo liner

4knines cargo liner

Let’s fast forward to this summer, weddings, excursion, and Chino swimming the car is a mess! 4knines was back to save the day (er…the car). The Cargo Liner that retails for about $150 (currently on sale) is even better than the back seat liner. The liners are made of high-quality fabrics that are environmentally friendly too. 

Cargo Liner

4knines cargo liner

The Cargo Liner is amazing because:

-You can install the entire thing in less than a minute
-The part that sits on the car is non-slip so it won’t move around when your dog moves around on it
-The headrest straps are adjustable to any size 
-There is a bumper cover too to protect your car when loading and unloading your dog in and out of the car providing interior and exterior protection
-Easy to clean 
-Liner is padded so it’s almost as comfy as a bed too (Chino laid down to sleep within 2 minutes)
-Adjustable when you drop one seat or both in the back as well

4knines cargo liner

4knines cargo liner

Check out the quick installation video with Jim one of the owners of 4Knines.

Having this in the car will definitely cut the visits to the car wash down a bit for me which I am very happy about with the cold coming soon. The car is covered no matter what and the liner is weatherproof which makes it a total lifesaver. They even have a front seat cover too in case your four-legged pal rides shotgun!  


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2 Responses to “Fur Friday {Protect Your Wheels With 4Knines 🚗 }”

  1. rust September 9, 2016 at 9:19 am #

    We have a land rover and the messiest part of it is the back seat and back seat floor. Our malamute doesn’t like the very back, too far from mom and dad. We also have a volvo that needs protecting more; he doesn’t ride in it much.

  2. Sara September 19, 2016 at 12:27 pm #

    We have a Subaru and the messiest part are the floor mats! We’d love a new car liner – our current one isn’t soft at all and you have to put a blanket on top which then falls off. It doesn’t work well.