Toronto Dog Walking Rates And Pet Care Prices Leash & Paws

Dog Walking Prices

Group Dog Walking Rates Toronto
Send your pup off on a stimulating one-hour walk with 2-4 socialized friends with our dog walker, always on leash. We never walk in large packs, use a pet taxi, or just let your dogs roam in a dog park. We keep your group and dog walker consistent so that your dog enjoys a safe and enjoyable walk. Good care and socialization on a daily walk will leave your pooch wanting more from our dog walking service - walking dogs has never been so easy. Our dog walking rates are as low as $21 per walk.
from $21 per walk
Private Dog Walking Rates Toronto
Our private dog walk provides your pup with a structured 45-minute solo walk where they will receive their dog walker's undivided attention. This dog walking service is perfect for a furry friend that needs special care that makes it hard for a group walk (maybe your dog has a hurt paw or just doesn't enjoy dog walking company). Our professional dog walker will give your dog the ultimate private walk, as a dog owner you won't want to work with any other dog walking company.
$28 per walk
Our 30-minute potty breaks allow your dog to receive their dog walker's undivided attention, and are tailored to your dog's specific needs.
$21 per walk
Rather than getting used to doing his business in his crate or on a pee pad, our well-trained team member will let your puppy actively explore and adjust to its new surroundings for 30 minutes on leash.

We offer mid-day feedings and basic obedience training reinforcement as well, using single source protein treats.
Frequency Discounts Available

Pet Sitting Prices

Dogs crave love and attention and thrive on an established routine! This is especially important in terms of potty breaks and pet feeding times. Unlike a doggy daycare, you can keep your pup in their most familiar environment by having our trusted pet sitter stay overnight in your home. Boarding for your pet is important - a dog boarding with our dog sitter means your pet is in good hands.
$75 per night
No more loud kennels or cages - no more crowded dog daycare! Your pup will stay in our pet sitter's home and be treated like family. Our pet sitter will stick to your pet's normal routine as closely as possible. Our pet sitter is likely a pet owner themselves so pet boarding at their home just means there are more animals for a person to love!
$65 per night
Allow your cat to remain safe and secure in its own environment, with all of his or her favourite toys, familiar smells, and secret nap spots (most likely on your clean laundry). Our pet sitting service is not only limited to dogs!

Our walker will visit your cat daily for 30 minutes to get the love, attention and treats they're so used to receiving when you are home.

$21 per visit
Hourly Pet Sitting
Planning on heading out for the day? We'd be happy to stay with your pup or cat for a few hours & keep them company! Hourly pet sitting includes at least one 45- minute walk per 2 hours of sitting. *2 Hour Booking Minimum*
$20 per hour

Additional Service Prices

There are plenty of dog-friendly wedding venues in Toronto and the GTA. Let us bring your pup to your venue and help make your celebration even more special!

We know there's no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to your wedding day, so we'll design a customized quote just for you.
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Toronto has many activities to offer but you can't always bring your dog along with you. With so many of Toronto's hotels offering pet friendly accommodations, you will never have to worry about your pet being left alone when you book one of our experienced and local Leash & Paws sitters to keep your dog company right in your hotel room!
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