Leash & Paws Annual Holiday Drive 🎄

It’s a cheerful time around the city with the holidays fast approaching. However not everyone is fortunate enough to celebrate with their loved ones during the holiday season. While we do our charity drive several times a year, this holiday season I decided to do something a little different. I wanted to meet a few of the people who receive the donations and hear their story as well as meet their pet. 
On Wednesday November 30th I went to the Fred Victor Bethlehem United Shelter, which allows homeless men & woman stay with their pets. This is very rare and an amazing organization. I sat and spoke with three woman who despite all the circumstances and being told to give up their pets fought to keep them regardless of their living situations. I also gathered a list of items their pets would be happy to have this holiday season. The Leash & Paws team will be collecting donations from our clients the week of December 5th and we also have set up a Go Fund Me Page  for monetary donations. I will be purchasing specific items for the pets and presenting them everything the week of December 20th
Rebecca & Bear

Rebecca & Bear

Bear is a super sweet 6 year old Chihuahua 
After speaking with the woman for a bit, they told me while facing a personal struggle they also faced a struggle finding somewhere to go with their animals. Some had to put their pets into a pet hotel to have some time to figure things out, while others were told by shelters to give up and surrender their pet in order to have somewhere to stay. The women were all resilient in keeping their pets and finding somewhere that would take them in.
Allyson & Audra

Allyson & Audra

Audra is a 1 year old black lab mix who loves playing fetch
When I asked each woman about their furry companions they said they had a better bond with their pets than they did with other people. The animals gave them motivation to do better in order to take care of their pets. Audra, Bear, Chili & Mimi all provide therapeutic help for them when dealing with stress and emotional situations.
Juanita & Chili

Juanita & Chili

whom she found at 8 weeks old on the street. Chili is now 9

img_0256Mimi was adopted at the age of one from Toronto Animal Services.
In terms of their lists below is  a quick list of items they requested for their dogs
-Cesar Wet Food
-Pedigree Marrobone Treats
-Medium To Large Dog Jacket or Rain Jacket
-Bed (2 one for each dog)
-Ball & Squeaky Toys
-Beggin Strips
-Small Travel Crate
For the two cats
-Fancy Feast
-Hill’s Prescription Diet w/d Feline
-Scratch Post
-Cat Nip Toys
-Arm & Hammer Black Box Litter
Be sure to keep updated on our Facebook Page  & Go Fund Me Page.

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