FurFriday Pet Safe Cat Fun! 🐱

We received an awesome Frolicat cat toys by PetSafe and I handed them over to our dog walker who has a lovely cat who tests our several cat related items for us. Below is her pawesome review!

“Recently, my cat Elenore was generously gifted two new toys by Frolicat! The first a Multi laser cat toy, and a Fox Den fluffy tail. Both have great features, and Elenore had fun with both!”

The Multi Laser toy was by far Elenore’s favourite of the two toys. The Multi Laser is a tall slender white stand with two laser beams shooting out of the top simultaneously.  The features I liked the most, was the laser will stay on for 15 minutes at a time, and it lasts much longer than typical laser pointers! While there are multiple laser beams Elenore seemed to focus in on one at a time, while it’s nice not to have to hold down the laser pointer yourself the multiple beams were lost on her.

I like that you can set up the laser and walk away, while your cat entertains themselves. The draw backs to the laser is while it’s not very noisy it does make a noise that is loud enough I wouldn’t want to set it up at night in my bedroom. It does also require batteries which while not a huge hardship, is something you will need to have on hand to use either toy. Overall, I would purchase this toy for Elenore, it did keep her engaged much longer than her other toys, and in the interest of full disclosure Elenore is 10 years old and not as playful as she once was.

Secondly, was the Fox Den Fuzzy Tail toy. The Fox Den has is a small dome with a fuzzy fox tail that pops in and out at different intervals. The Fox Den has the option to be set to a motion sensor, so it will start up as your cat engages in play. I wanted Elenore to like this toy!

It’s cute, and small enough that it doesn’t take up much space. However, maybe due to her age, she was not terribly interested in this toy. Elenore seemed to almost instantly realize that this toy was stationary and not going to run away on her. I would recommend the Fox Den perhaps to a younger cat, or kitten, I really think the Fox Den would keep a younger cat engaged for much longer than my cat was. Overall, Elenore did have fun being a product tester! And she will be using the Multi Laser beam again!


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