Fur Friday:
Canada Pooch x Peace Collective Collaboration

Isn't it amazing when a company you love and another company you love work together and make awesomeness? Well, let me tell you it happened! Peace Collective and Canada Pooch have collaborated and created a line for the whole family (four legged members included). So we want to call all Toronto Dogs and introduce the Toronto VS. Everybody hoodies.
How awesome are these hoodies? They are made of high-quality fabric, and the dog hoodie has a little hole to loop the collar out of and, the first time I have seen this on a doggy sweater, it has a snap button to hold the hoodie in place when it isn't over the top of your dog's head.

Our four legged model, Stitch, is looking pretty fly. How awesome to be able to get a hoodie for your dog and a matching one for you. They even have kids sweaters too so the entire family can walk out in style. *insert Christmas card idea*. Sign us up!

For more information check out the Toronto VS Everybody Family Collection
NOVEMBER, 9 / 2018

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