Fur Friday Bark Potty Port-A-Potty


It’ the weekend! Happy Friday! Today I wanted to introduce you all to Bark Potty. It’s a potty in a box, now while I can’t endorse this as your only solution to having your dog do their business, there are circumstances when having this is a great solution.  With the holidays approaching many people travel short and long distances to be with their family, stay overnight and switch up their pets routines. The Bark Potty is a great item to have around to ensure no accidents are left during your stay in a relatives home.


Bark Potty is a great alternative to using pee pads as well when potty training your pup. It resembles taking them outdoors and reduces the overall mess that comes with your run of the mill pee pad. It’s also a great product for senior pets with incontinence issues. 


They offer a subscription service so that your Bark Potty is delivered directly to your door with no issues you can get started here . It has built in poop bags so when your dog has done their business you can clean it up just like you would outdoors. It has a net overtop as well in case your dog kicks about after going to the bathroom it keeps the bark pieces in place.


Be sure to check out BarkPotty online and their social media pages too! Use coupon code “leashandpaws5” for 5% discount on your first order



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2 Responses to “Fur Friday Bark Potty Port-A-Potty”

  1. Sara December 2, 2016 at 11:35 am #

    I can’t seem to find if they ship to Canada, or if there is a Canadian retailer. Blaze occasionally has accidents overnight (and likes one particular carpet!) so this might be a good solution.

    • WPB Admin December 5, 2016 at 12:55 pm #

      I believe they do as we had no issue receiving one. Please contact them directly.