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Woof Woof Wednesday February Is Pet Dental Month

Most dog owner’s do not realize the importance of keeping your dog’s teeth clean. It is of utmost importance to keep their pearly whites clean as well as plaque and tartar free. Aside from the fact that dental work on a canine is extremely expensive it also has a direct effect on their heart health too! I talk a lot about preventative measures to take in Pet First Aid class in order to avoid long-term illnesses.

Here are some important points:

    • Have your vet check your dog’s oral health when going in for a regular check up
    • Check the food and treats you feed  for any indications of helping fight plaque and tooth decay
    • Giving your dog dental treats are very beneficial because they will often get into grooves of their teeth that you are unable to get to with a toothbrush

Brushing 101

  • Choosing the correct brush is important, most stores sell either a large longer sized brush which is great for larger dogs and there are also small finger brushes that work great for smaller dogs and dogs who are more comfortable with having their owners poke into their mouth.800443084106C
  • You want to make this a positive experience so that your dog becomes accustomed to having their teeth brushed and it is a routine to them. Using treats to reward them is really great and using positive words as you do so will also help.
  • For the first time, you can use the toothbrush only with no paste on it so that your dog has a chance to get used to having something in their mouth and having their teeth rubbed
  • Incorporate the toothpaste slowly, some stores even offer peanut butter and chicken flavored toothpaste which will help. You want to give your dog a taste of the toothpaste prior to inserting the brush with the paste into their mouth.


Fur Friday {Hazardous Holiday Plants}

With the holidays coming there are lots of new products available during the holiday season only. Plants and flowers are one of the many holiday traditions. Below is a list of plants that can be hazardous to your dog or cat so be mindful when putting these in your home over the holidays. 

While the plant itself is not toxic to your pets the sap (milky white liquid) is. If the sap comes in contact with your dog’s skin it may cause redness and irritation and if it is ingested it can cause diarrhea, vomiting, excessive drooling and licking their mouth.


Is very toxic to dogs and if ingested will cause an upset stomach, diarrhea, and vomiting. A trip to the vet will definitely be needed.

Christmas cactus

The leaves, flower, and branches have shown to be toxic to animals causing bloody stool and fatigue. 

The toxicity level if large amounts are ingested can range from seizures, disorientation, and death. There are many varieties of mistletoe and the berries attached range in the level of toxins they carry. 


A sign of ingestion is drooling, breathing trouble and vomiting. Medical attention is recommended if these symptoms present. 

Make sure to have plants on a high platform where dogs are unable to access them and make sure any dropped leaves or flowers are promptly removed. Be sure to check with your vet in any event that you think your dog may have come into contact with any plant that could be hazardous to their health.

Woof Woof Wednesday Pet & Pet Lovers Gift Guide

The holidays are quickly approaching and we have a gift for everyone on your list. 

Hand Painted Dog Ornament – this can be customized to the breed of your choice!

Squirrel Puzzle Game  – Comes in a number of sizes and stimulates your dog’s mind.

Pet Carrier– For the owner who brings their pup everywhere and wants to do so in style.


 Custom Necklace & Charm  –Super adorable and comes in silver and gold.

Custom Blanket – This can be gifted to a dog owner or the dog because being under an adorable blanket is what winter is all about.


Treats Happen – Shop their grain free treats suitable for every dog.


Memory Foam Bed – I highly recommend this as an investment in your pet’s joints. It has helped so much with Chino.


Yak Chew you can never have too many of these, they last long and these are massive.

Canada Pooch Cambridge Sweater – for the stylish pooch and they have socks too – adorable!


Evil Eye Dog Tag – Protect your pet with this cute charm (comes in black and white).

Rose Dog Tag Adorable for everyday or special occasions. The perfect new years accessory.

What’s your top pick for the holidays?