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Fur Friday {October Is Pet Wellness Month}


National Pet Wellness Month is upon us and there are various ways that you can exercise preventive care with your pets to ensure they live a long life. Preventative care is a large portion of what we cover in our Pet First Aid & CPR course. It can improve and extend the quality of life your pet lives. Below are some of the ways you can practice preventive care with your pets at home. 

Annual Check Ups


Have your vet do a check up on your pet to ensure their health has not changed. You can also check up on vaccinations, perform titer testing to see if your pet needs any vaccines. Also checking your dogs weight and monitoring any changes as well. Managing your pets weight is a great preventative tool in ensuring they do not become obese which leads to larger health issues.

Dental Care

Ensuring your dogs teeth and oral health are up to date is important. Regular brushing and chewing of bones will help plaque build up and prevent dental diseases. 

Diet & Exercise

A exercise routine is important for your dog to ensure they are getting enough during different seasons. A backpack is a great idea to tire out younger dogs and give them a job. Diet is also a vital part of your dog’s health. Ensuring they are receiving the proper nutrition they need will make sure they live a long life.

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Fur Friday {Pet Friendly Shopping At Homesense}

As everyone knows shopping is woman’s favourite hobby and why not share that with your best friend? Living in the city you would be surprised the number of stores and flagship stores on the street that allow pets of all sizes.

Pet Friendly Shopping

I love home decor and pop into my local HomeSense on a weekly basis to find awesome deals on things for my place. I also bring Chino along so he can test and approve of any new furniture pieces. I recently bought a glass table that we ensured he could sit and still prop his head on while sitting (who needs measuring tape?). He approved and it came home with us.  

Although HomeSense is a pet friendly store it is up to each individual stores discretion as to which location allows pets and which do not. Usually a sign is posted by the door and is a good indicator if you and your pooch may enter. I spoke to my local HomeSense manager and they informed me that most dogs are welcome however we are not allowed to venture off into the food section of the store. Chino has not interest in it anyways since they have a dedicated pet section with lots of comfy beds, treats and toys!


I love all the pet-friendly items they have, art and prints that I can get to make my office look all pretty! Chino is not sure about this Frenchie painting however since he currently loves being spoiled as an only child.


I love the variety of items and specialty things that I can get at HomeSense.  The fact that Chino is allowed inside makes it easier for me to pop in on our way home rather than having to drop him off and come back alone. This makes my shopping experience that much better and he loves the attention that he gets from all the workers and customers too.

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Fur Friday {Santa Pet Photo Top 5 Tips For The Perfect Photo!}


The holiday countdown has officially begun. Now that we’ve provided you with all the locations to get your Pet Santa Photos  we want to ensure your photos come out perfect. Below are our top 5 tips on how to get the best photo with Santa!

{#1 A practice run of any outfits}

Letting your dog try on any outfits or accessories prior to seeing Santa will help with getting them to feel comfortable putting something new on. You don’t wear a brand new pair of heels for the first time somewhere  without practice right?

{#2 A run around the park} 

Okay I know some of you are saying “No Way! Fido just got groomed for this photo!”. Letting your dog expend their energy before arriving to see Santa will leave them feeling tired and Santa won’t be as exciting when all they want is a nap. 

{#3 Treats Treats Treats!}

Once more..Treats! These will help keep your dog focused and on the prize. You can get them to sit how you’d like, stay and even give Santa a high five or kiss for some too.

{#4 Let your dog get acquainted with Santa}

Before the camera flashes start to go off, ensure to allow your dog to give Santa a quick sniff and some pets from Santa. That way he is not a strange man they have to sit next to.

{#5 Arrive early}

Arrive to the photo op early to avoid a long line up. Remember you are no the only person who wants a photo of their fur baby with Santa. A long line means your dog will start to get impatient and restless. 

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