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Fur Friday Patios & Dogs

With the sun FINALLY shining, patios will be opening all over and some will even welcome your four-legged friend. Below are some tips for pet etiquette while at outdoor patios.

  • Make sure to pack a few essentials for your dogs such as a travel bowl and some snacks to avoid giving him/her food off your plate
  • Bring a non-flexi leash that you can tether to your chair to ensure your dog cannot run off
  • Ensure with the hostess that your dog is in fact allowed on the patio premises (some by laws allow dogs on the other side of the fenced area of a patio to ensure that they are away from food items)
  • Ask to be seated in a shady area so that your pooch does not overheat
  • Before sitting make sure there is not food on the ground where your dog will sit, purses, bags or other items they  may get into
  • Prior to leaving make sure to return any bowls that may have been provided to you, check if your dog may have gone to the bathroom while you were not looking and be sure to thank your waitress

Enjoy the summer with your dog and make the most of it!

FurFriday Soi Dog Canada

Happy Friday! You may or may not know but I am a volunteer for Soi Dog Canada. They are a great organization who rescues dogs and cats on the streets of Thailand.

Currently, I do home checks for potential adopters and its always great to hear about the dog they are anticipating to arrive.

They have an event coming up to fundraise money for their organization.

Date: Sunday, June 9, 2019
Time: 9:30am – 3:00pm
Location: Erindale Park
1695 Dundas Street West Mississauga ON
Tickets are available for purchase online.

Fur Friday How Dog Owners Can Stay Fit Wherever Travel Takes Them

Happy Friday Folks! We’ve got a guest post today by Jessica Brody

Traveling is made better when we bring our dogs along for the journey. They keep us active, no matter where we are. However, it takes a deal of prep to make sure you and Spot are both ready. Here’s all you need to know before going on your next voyage with your pup.

Pick a Vacation

Vacationing with your pet can range from run-of-the-mill to extravagant. An active pup could go dog-sledding in Alaska. They could also be taken on truffle hunts in Oregon or to a dog-friendly camp to spend quality time together. A road trip to Texas could be fun, especially if your destination is Austin, which is considered the most dog-friendly city in the country. There are even festivals devoted to dogs and their owners. If you’re looking for something beachy, try surfing with your pup. Your next trip can be as creative and active as you are.

Prepare for New Parks

Almost every city has a dog park these days. However, when visiting a new area, it’s best to prepare your dog to avoid an incident. Be sure your ID tags are up to date and that you’ve microchipped Spot. Also, have you vaccinated your dog recently? If not, do so before you leave. Stop by your vet’s to stock up on parasite prevention products. It’s also helpful (and important) to read up on how to stop a dog fight as well. You should never get between two dogs; instead, do your best to distract them. There is the potential for serious injuries, and any incident could leave you unable to take care of your dog. Stay safe and be prepared.

Scout Dog-Friendly Places

You need to check in advance whether the lodging you are considering allows pets. Nothing is worse than turning up to your hotel after a long day of travel to find your dog isn’t allowed inside. It’s also wise to ensure that your destination of choice has options around town for pups as well as people. Plenty of establishments these days allow for dogs to sit out on the patio, but some are beginning to offer nibbles for dogs as well as their owners. Make a list of places available for you and your pet, and get some exercise by walking to them from your hotel. It’s a fun way to really see the city and stretch your legs at the same time.

Bring Travel Cleaning Kit

If you’re traveling by plane, you may need a more comprehensive travel kit. At the least, bring some cleaning items. This is especially important if you’re staying in a hotel and your dog accidentally makes a mess. Bring doggie waste bags, some wet wipes, and paper towels. If you have space, add an enzyme-targeting cleaner to remove smells from hotel carpets and car seats. It doesn’t take much to be ready for any mess during your journey.

Improve Your Fitness

Working out while on the move can be difficult. However, there are ways you can stay active even when on vacation. If you’re near a beach, walking in the sand can work up a sweat. Play ball with your dog, or go for a swim. If you’re near a national park, you can take your pup on a refreshing hike. Should your hotel room be spacious, do some dog yoga . This works best with a calm pup, so if yours has too much energy to sit still for long, think of something more physical. Once you get familiar with the area, go for runs together. Take a trip kayaking and see the wonder on your dog’s face as they encounter something completely new.

Staying active with your dog is always fun, but sometimes it can be work in a new environment. With the right planning, you can be sure to have a safe, enjoyable time. You never again have to leave your pup alone while you see the world.

Image courtesy of Pexels.