Woof Woof Wednesday {Boating Safety With Your Dog} 9 Tips



Happy Hump Day everyone. Paws are on deck this summer and safety is top priority when boating, sailing, yachting or any water activities with your pup. Below are nine tips to keep in mind when bringing your dog with you.

{Dog Boating Tips}

{ONE} Collar & up to date ID tags

{TWO} Familiarization with entering and exiting boat (ramp, stairs etc)

{THREE} A good walk prior to boarding boat to allow for a potty break

{FOUR} Fresh water to avoid your dog drinking lake or sea water

{FIVE} Life jacket for extra safety even if your dog is able to swim, there may be deeper areas

{SIX} Do NOT allow your dog to jump off the side of the boat, especially if it is moving

{SEVEN} Bring along a first aid kit 

{EIGHT} Sunscreen if available in your area

{NINE} Towels! 

Sailor Dog

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Woof Woof Wednesday {Hike Essentials 101}



With the short amount of time the sun is out we need to make the best of it and use every moment to get outdoors and enjoy! Below are some tips and supplies that will be handy for a hike with your dog.


A pet first aid kit is essential in case your dog gets injured on the hike. Rocks, twigs and many other things can cause injury on your dog’s paw pads and having supplies to help aid in this will be extremely useful.

photo 1

Poop bags and lots of em! Your dog loves nature and will naturally want to explore and use the outdoor bathroom as much as possible on a long hike. We recommend Earth Rated Poop Bags as they are lightly scented and are biodegradable.

photo 1 copy

Good footwear is very important and will determine how long you last outdoors too! I love Nike Free Runs (any version), they are lightweight and extremely breathable too. I like the variety of colours they come in too and they fit like a sock.

photo 3

A spare collar & leash are also good to carry in case your dog manages to damage the one your currently have on a branch or something. I find that I always ends up using my spare leashes and collars very often. Especially if we pass by some water and Chino decides to jump right in I like having a dry collar and leash on hand. Ensure you dog has tags on with your phone number on it and that you have your vet information handy too just in case.


Healthy snacks like fruits and veggies are great for you and your dog to share. Pre cut and wash before leaving so that they are ready to eat. Impromptu picnics are my favourite!

photo 4

A travel bowl for your dog is essential, unless you have a dog who drinks right from the water bottle. Lucky for me Chino will drink right out of a water bottle so this makes packing a little lighter. A travel bowl is great to have especially if you are hiking with more than one dog. Taking a water break every so often and staying hydrated is important.

photo 2

You must be thinking by now “This is a long list, where do I fit all of this?”, well a doggy backpack of course! Having a well fitting doggy backpack is a great way to carry things as well as have your working breed dog feel accomplished. It also provides your dog with lots of exercise too. Make sure to always add the right balance of weight on both sides and that it is evenly distributed.

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