Frequently Asked Questions

We're all about making tails wag and humans smile! Below are our most frequently asked questions.

Don't see your question in the dog walking FAQ? Feel free to email us at any time to learn more about how we can meet your pet care needs!
How do I get started?
Contact us using the button below! We'll set up a 30 minute meet and greet at your home with your dog walker so that we can answer questions and help determine the best fit for your dog. If you are expecting your dog and not yet ready to commit to a dog walking company, feel free to still contact us for more details. We are eagar to help new pet parents understand the ways to care for their new dog.

**Please note - due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, all meet & greets are being conducted outdoors in order to maintain proper social distancing**
Do you require a walking minimum for new clients?
Yes! We require 2 walks per week to reserve a spot for your dog. It allows our dogs to build consistent relationships with their groups without the stress of frequently walking with unfamiliar dogs. As a local dog walking business, the minimum also allows us to offer our clients the most attention and flexibility possible.
What are your business hours?
Our 'office' hours are 10:00AM-7:00PM Monday through Friday and 11:00AM-5:00PM Saturday & Sunday .

Our core dog walking hours are 11:00AM-3:00PM Monday through Friday, unless otherwise requested. We do our best to accommodate requests for private walks outside of business hours.
Do you accept same day requests?
Yes, we accept same day requests for existing regular clients, and we do our very best to accommodate them. Please note that requests made with less than 24 hours notice will be subject to a last-minute booking fee of $5.
What is your cancellation policy?
There is no charge for cancellations made before 9:00 AM, one day prior to the day of the scheduled service. Cancellations received after 9:00 AM one day prior will be subject to a $10 cancellation fee.
Will my dog have the same walker every day?
Yes! In the event that your walker is sick or on vacation, your dog will be matched with a substitute. Don't worry, your substitute dog walker will be equally as amazing as your regular walker.
Will my dog be walked at the same time every day?
Your dog will have a reserved one-hour pickup window to maintain consistency. The window allows us to form groups with other regular clients based on proximity, desired pickup times, and personalities. It also allows flexibility for schedule changes.
How many dogs are in a group walk?
Our dog walking company aims to walk in small groups of 2-4 dogs at a time. This limits helps us walk multiple dogs at once and also prioritize their safety, socialization, and individual attention.
How do I know if my dog will be paired with other friendly dogs ?
During our initial consultation with you, we will come greet you and your dog at your home to understand your dog's needs and temperment. From there, we will try to group your dog with other compatible dog(s) in the group walk. If we are unable to find your pet a suitable pair, we will offer private walks until we do.
Do you provide pet sitting services for cats?
Yes! We do offer pet sitting options for your cat. Our dog walkers have experience providing pet care to both dogs and cats.
Do you bring dogs to the dog park?
At Leash & Paws, we focus on providing your dog with ample exercise through a nice dog walk around your neighbourhood, and through the local parks. We do not bring your dog to the dog park unless it is a private walk and at the request of the dog owner.
What is your service area?
Our service area information can be found here. Our dog walking business is always expanding our pet care service so if you don't see your neighbourhood, be sure to ask about our expansion plans.