Group Walks

$24 | $21
(4 walks a week or more)

An hour walk for your dog to enjoy socializing with other dogs as well as do their business.

take me to a walk please!

Individual Walks


A 45 minute solo walk. This is good for dogs that do not do well in group settings, seniors that need extra exercise or puppies who require extra attention.

I need a potty break

Potty Breaks


30 minute visits to be let out for a potty break, feeding and watering as well as any clean up needed. Lots of playtime is also included!

wedding dog
attendant service

We’d like to introduce you to the first and only wedding dog attendant service in Ontario. We will provide the utmost care and professional service available.

You’ve booked the venue, reserved the photographer, tasted all the cakes and sent out the invites. But wait! You forgot about one VIP – your pet – on your wedding day.

Just the thought is overwhelming – so much to do and how can you get your dog to the venue, keep him/her out of trouble while there, and then get him/her down the aisle at just the right moment without totally stressing yourself out?


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