This months theme was athletics and the upcoming Superbowl. Chino as usual is super happy when the mailman comes over with his box. I had high expectations for this box since it is the first of the new year and it was in a larger box than it normally comes in. 



photo 3


Think! Dog – Alligator Jerky – This was my pick from everything in this month’s box. I was very surprised to see Alligator treat for dogs. I like that it is made in the US with Louisiana gator. Having visited southern states before and trying alligator myself I thought this was a great idea. Chino won’t be eating these as we are doing a process of elimination currently to see what his allergies are (I think its poultry). These are wheat, corn and soy free too!

photo 4

Wigzi- Stuff n’ Throw – This durable rubber ball is dishwasher safe and has bounce! With two treat pockets and Stuff n’ Crunch treats with cheddar and bacon (also corn, soy and wheat free) this keeps your dogs attention on the ball. Chino enjoyed this toy and we even took it outside (empty) to throw around the park. 

Treats – - photo 2

Grandma Bowser’s – Peanut Butter Treats – All natural ingredients with no preservatives, sugar (I recently read somewhere how much sugar some dog treats have! You would be surprised) or salt. You can feel good about giving these great treats to your pooch and guilt free too. They also have Omega acids too. 

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