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#March Mornings With #BarkBox

photo 1 (1)March’s BarkBox came with the theme of Breakfast this month. Waking up on the right side of the bed and starting the day with your best paw forward.

photo 1

Wagatha’s – Breakfast Biscuits
These biscuits are organic, wheat free and this is the first time I see this lactose-free too! It gives me the feeling of breakfast oatmeal with ingredients like apples, cinnamon and bananas. American made and human edible too we are happy to have these this month.

photo 2 (1)

Superior Farms – Venison Waffles
Keeping with the breakfast theme and one of my favourite breakfast items WAFFLES! These are made of venison lung, grain free and made in the USA too. These are a new one for us although we have received other Superior Farm treats in the past I find them great for training.

photo 3

Etta Says – Rabbit Chew
We have gotten a few chews from Etta Says in previous boxes and I always enjoy having these around for when I have work to get done and need Chino to relax on his own for a bit. These premium chews are great because they are made of different protein sources and are great for dogs with allergies to common proteins such as chicken.

photo 3 (1)

West Paw Design – Jive
I was excited to see this as one of the toys this month. Chino used to steal this ball from a dog in my old building all the time and he isnt much of a ball kinda guy. We took this to the park immediately and ran around. I like that it floats too because he spends a lot of time swimming in the summer so anything that is water friendly is great.

photo 2

Petprojekt- The Daily Fetch
Our BarkBox card seemed to be incorrect as it stated something about eggs but we got a newspaper? Anyways this was a toy I could see being destroyed in 30-45 seconds so I have decided to keep it for an upcoming pawty and gift it. Seems like a smaller dog would have lots of fun with it as it has crinkly sounds and makes noises.

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@Barkbox February #Review

photo 5

This month’s BarkBox theme was Doggie Date Night in sync with Valentines Day. I was personally very please with the contents of the box when I first scanned them over. Of course when the box first arrives I need to go into a corner and shut the door in order to scan what is in it because SOMEBODY already knows something is suspicious. He now thinks every package and box that is left at the door is for him.

photo 1Heartland Premium – Angus Tendons

 I was very happy to see these as I love any kind of protein chew I can hand over to Chino when I am indulging in something myself. I figure if I am having a piece of cake he should have something equally enjoyable. I am happy that it is 100% natural and a source of chondroitin which is great for joints.

 photo 3Max & Ruffy’s – Strawberry Treats

These treats are organic and use human grade ingredients. Being the meaty boy he is Chino most likely will share these with someone since he is very picky about the fruit he eats (he doesn’t know this but I sneak fruits & veggies in his food all the time)

 photo 2Baker’ Best –Salmon Treats

These treats are Canadian , they immediately caught my eye since they have salmon which always sits well with Chino and his sensitive tummy. I like that they are healthy and have Omega-3 in them.

 photoComplete Natural Nutrition – Cheese

Keeping consistent with the date night theme, these treats are like little popcorn pieces. Made of all cheese and low in calories they are great for training, sharing (they are human snacks too!) or just to snack on while you watch a  movie.

 photo 4Harry Barker – Tug n’ Toss

This was a big hit, I love all things Harry Barker and Chino loves all these rope! I also think the best part is that it is durable, AZO-free dyed and machine washable. I could be wrong but it also falls into the National Pet Dental Month and I am sure it is great for cleaning teeth too.

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The last @BarkBox of 2013

photo 4

 I have to admit I get really excited every time the mailman rings the doorbell now because I know it is a package that he is leaving rather than just an envelope. Even when I run into him down the street while walking Chino he tells me to make sure I am home because there is a package for me. AWESOME!

photo 3

Aussie Naturals Duck Rope Toy- okay so Chino looks unamused in this picture, I think he gets it from me. The look on his face where he seems unhappy but inside he really is. The only reason he looks like this in the photo is because he had to STOP biting the ducks beak off to take the pic. I love this toy, its pretty durable, made of different materials and has a rope attached which keeps Chino intrigued.

photo 2

Hare of the Dog – Dandelion & Apple Treats – Wheat free, antioxidants and all natural. These treats have rabbit, dandelion and apple. Chino eats dandelion on a regular basis in the summer as he runs through the fields haha so I thought it was interesting. I also don’t think Chino has ever had rabbit so this was a bit of  a gamble, plus he does not really get excited for biscuit type treats. He loved it and I definitely will be trying out other rabbit flavoured treats. I love that is has apple too because mister picky will not eat very many fruits.

photo 1

Wet Noses – Peanut Butter & Molasses Treat – Chino was trying to look like the dog in the photo (all nose). Pretty awesome huh? These are also wheat-free, corn-free and soy-free as well as organic which is helpful with anyone who has a sensitive tummy.


Superior Farms – Lamb Toasters- these were a big hit with Chino and were super helpful on Christmas Eve while we all had our dinner Chino munched on these . Made of 100% lamb lung they got his attention immediately.


Barkworthies- Junior Bullystick - okay this was the best part of this month’s box for Chino (realize its a stock photo, it did not last long enough for a photo). Made of beef bladder this chew bought me about 20 minutes of peace to get some cleaning done. I always enjoy giving these to Chino because they are all natural and keep him occupied.

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We Ruv #BarkBox! November Review

This month’s BarkBox theme was “OMNOM NOM NOM NOM” Food! I think this fits perfect with dog’s most loved things.  Make sure to sign up ASAP to ensure you receive a box in time for Christmas (this is a perfect no fuss gift to send to a deserving doggy) 

PicFrame +-4

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1. Nootie – Yumzies Jerky Chews
An awesome treat that is delicious and nutritious for your dog.These treats are free of: corn, wheat, grain, soy

PicFrame +-2

Made with duck and sweet potato these are great for dogs with sensitive stomachs. The jerky can be broken off into smaller pieces (choose your size) so they are great for training and keep your dog’s attention when needed.

2. Bocce’s Bakery – Truffle Mac & Cheese
Okay I love the packaging, love mac & cheese and they smell delicious. I wont lie a part of me was tempted to take a bite! Bocce’s makes a great staple biscuit with a gourmet twist. Wheat and preservative free, organic and healthy ingredients there is not guilt in sharing these with all the pooch’s you encounter.

PicFrame +

3. Twistix – Vanilla Mint

PicFrame +-1

November is pet dental/oral care month. This is an extremely fitting treat for those who want to ensure dental health for their dog and have a hard time sticking a brush into their dog’s mouth to get  a good clean. This is another wheat, grain and this is good for me disguised treat. You can give this to your dog to chew on and they wont even know the difference that its both tasty and brushing their teeth. They are also low fat and have no added sodium, sugar or gluten.

4. PetSafe Slap Happy
I will admit I was a bit puzzled when I pulled out this furry spider looking thing from this month’s box. I read a bit more about this toy and it appeals to a dog’s natural predatory instincts in the sense that the arms encourage your dog to shake the toy and the bendable interior gives the impression of a rib cage therefore appealing to a dog’s hunting instincts.

Chino wasn’t sold right away and wore it as a hat!

PicFrame +-3We hope you enjoyed our review and don’t forget to sign up soon so you receive the  Christmas BarkBox. Leashandpaws will get you $5 off! Enjoy!

October Edition of @getbarkbox

This month our BarkBox arrived sooner than expected and in a different sized box. I was immediately intrigued since the box was much larger than the regular size. I could not help myself and opened it. This month’s theme is Autumn, therefore lots of time outdoors and two toys this month!


October BarkBox

October BarkBox

1. West Paw Design –  Zogoflex Hurley 

West Paw Design - Zogoflex Hurley Tough Dog Toy

West Paw Design – Zogoflex Hurley Tough Dog Toy

This was an instant hit with Chino (hence the stock photo of it), it was the first thing that peaked his interest. Made out of durable non-toxic material this toy is great all around, indoors and outdoors. It does just about everything! It is great to play fetch as it bounces super high, it can be chewed on for hours and it also floats for those aquatic dogs. Below is a video of Chino testing it out at the park.

Chino testing out his West Paw toy


2. American Dog Toys – Fetch & Glow Ball

This is a pretty cool concept of a toy, you leave it in sunlight so that it charges throughout the day and then it glows in the dark. This is great considering day light savings time is around the corner and sunset will be sooner. We’ve been playing with this indoors so far but will definitely be taking it outside pretty soon over the next few nights. It also seems pretty durable as well!

Chino & his American Dog Toy - Fetch & Glow toy

Chino & his American Dog Toy – Fetch & Glow toy


3. Baker’s Best -Autumn Dog Treat’s

These treats are all natural and have goat which is a different protein than we are used to and therefore great for dog’s with sensitive tummies or allergies. We will most likely gift these to the next lucky birthday boy or girl at Leash & Paws.

4. Fruitables – Share Pack


I am so excited this year for Halloween since I have a doorbell and am no longer in a building, therefore kids will be coming to my door (Yay!). Chino will be dressed up and will be handing out goodies, so this share pack is great as there are tons of dogs in our neighbourhood who will be accompanying the little goblins out on the 31st. This is a fantastic idea and I love that the little packs come in a variety of flavours. Chino has lots of visitors too so he will surely be sharing these as a welcome pack. 

5. Etta Says – Rabbit Chew

This is a great protein chew to keep Chino busy while I get a few things done. The rabbit protein is great for him since he has allergies. He absolutely loved the chew and devoured it a bit quicker than I had hoped for. 

I give this month’s BarkBox a 4/5, the only reason it is not a 5/5 for me is that there was not a Halloween themed toy in it. I would have loved to receive a stuff candy corn toy or even a pumpkin so that I could take lots of photos of Chino with it.

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@getbarkbox July Review

We are thrilled that our July BarkBox arrived earlier than expected. We unfortunately were not home when the mailman dropped it off at our doorstep but Chino had the opportunity to rummage through it today.


1. Clear Conscience Pet – Tender Stikz

These beef jerky looking treats were a hit with Chino since he is the ultimate carnivore. I think it’s awesome that these treats are human grade..hmmm..I have one left..shall I leave it out for guests and see there review on it? We got chicken & cheddar and beef & cheddar. Below is the taste tester (it was so good he went cross eyed!)


2. Safemade- Flexi-bowl

This will surely come in handy because it can be twisted and turned to fit almost anywhere (aka my purse). It’s awesome that its freezer, dishwasher and over safe (I think I can bake in it?). BarkBox even offered a tip to freeze water into the bowl overnight.


3. Mr. Barksmith’s – Cool Treats

We’ve received these treats in previous BarkBoxes, we love that their made with real ingredients and have chia seeds in them. We got peanut butter this month. It’s currently in our freezer awaiting the hot weekend.


4. No Grainers – Hickory Bacon

I am sure these will make Chino drool. I love that their soft so they are great for training. Grain free and made with real chicken is a great bonus. These will make training Chino to wait to run down the stairs to go out a lot easier.


5. Max & Ruffy’s – Organic Treats

We received the banana & coconut flavour – I will be honest here and ay I was tempted to try these they smell delicious. Once grain free and no artificial flavours. We will definitely be sharing these. 


6. Wigzi – Pocket Bone

This was the first thing Chino grabbed out of his box, I love it because not only does it  float but also can be stuffed with treats! I love multifunctional toys and the fact that it floats is awesome because swimming time is the only time Chino retrieves anything. We went swimming last weekend and due to a lack of floaty toys, my flip flop was his toy for the day. I am excited to try this out at the lake when we go swimming again.


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@getbarkbox June Edition

June BarkBox

June BarkBox

This month the theme for the June box was picnics. When the mailman rang our doorbell Chino was on alert but as soon as he realized that the package was for him he gave the mailman a wiggle and began to examine the contents of his BarkBox.

Inspection 101

Inspection 101

First item of interest was the Heartland Premium bone, Chino has not gotten to sink his teeth into this one just yet as I am saving it for a day I have a pile of work to do. 


This next item made me laugh out loud. Beer for dogs? This cannot be good! I read the ingredients and to my surprise it actually is good for your pup, it has glucosamine which is essential for your healthy joints. The BarkBox card even gave us a few ideas on how to use this beer. They included adding it to water, as a gravy over food or on ice for a cool treat. Bowser Beer was surely the interesting item in the box this month.



Puppy Cake Puptato Chips came in the most adorable packaging and looked like my favourite chips. These dried treats have beneficial vitamins and are low in fat for your dog. We shared ours with Diesel, who seemed to love them!

Diesel loves his Puptato Chips

Diesel loves his Puptato Chips

This next item caught MY eyes because I LOVE burgers! Whole Life Pet has a great line of dog treats. These sirloin burgers were a hit with Chino he loved them and I was able to get him to do all sorts of tricks for them.



This last item had me excited for Canada Day as Chino is no longer a fan of fireworks. Dale Edgar’s K9 Calm wafers are packed with vitamins and naturally calming ingredients. Unfortunately Chino had no interest in eating them on Canada Day so I was unable to see if they worked for him but I will attempt to get him to eat one some day.




We are very pleased with the June BarkBox and are eagerly awaiting for the July one to arrive. 

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Bailey can confirm the coupon code works!

Bailey can confirm the coupon code works!

@getbarkbox March awesomeness!

Our Barkbox got lost in mail land last month but not to worry. The March Barkbox arrived all in one piece and full of awesome goodies for the spoiled boy. This month we got some super awesome things. I know normally the best is saved for last but this time I will be putting the best item first!

1. Lollycadoodle Wool Mouse


Now I am not sure what it is about wool toys but Chino absolutely loves them. Although he destroys them to bits within the first 5 minutes he still finds enjoyment in them even after their all ripped apart. This is never the case with any other toys, once they’ve been ripped up he is pretty much over it! Not with his woolies though

2. Harry Barker’s Hemp Bone – now we all know hemp is great for our dogs and their teeth but most importantly I LOVE Harry Barker dog stuff, I will go all over the city looking for specific Harry Barker items.

3. Feel Good Treats & Little Eatz Peanut Butter Cookies – lately Chino has become quiet the diva about his treats and is all about the meaty stuff (such a boy!) so I did not bother trying to get him to try out the treats but instead shared them with his buddies who seemed to love it and give him lots of kisses for it too! Feel Good Treats are great because they do not have wheat, corn or soy which sometimes upset tummies and Little Eatz was pretty awesome because you can eat them too!


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@getbarkbox December a lil late!!

We are late again (sorry!). The holidays have been super hectic. We received our Barkbox pretty early this month which was great. Just in time for Christmas :). Here is what we got:

Bocce’s Bakery 

We shared these with birthday boy Marcus. They are made of natural ingredients and have awesome flavours.

Fresh Dog – Oatmeal Shampoo

We love Fresh Dog products and loved loved loved this shampoo. I gave Chino a bath and no complaints from him!

Puppy Cake – Red Velvet

We have yet to try this out but it looks like it’s gonna be a lot of fun. I will put up a different post just for our cake!

Simply Fido – Reindeer

The Simply Fido toy was the favourite. Chino loved the moving arms and legs and found the squeaky immediately.

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@getbarkbox November Review


Our box was a bit delayed this month as we missed the mailman and had to pick it up at the local post office which I did not have time to get to for a few days. As usual the box did not disappoint. Below is what we got:

1. Bionic Bone Toy
I think this is a great toy. It’s made out of super durable rubber, is dishwasher safe, can be stuffed andddd it floats. It’s weirdly shaped so it also bounces around too and entertains your dog for hours. I’ve purchased other Bionic toys and have never been disappointed. This definitely gets 2 paws up and a perfect 10. Anything durable is worth it’s weight in gold at my house!

Bionic Bone Toy

#2 Fruitables
We received the Mango & Pumpkin flavour. I can’t like I am always tempted to try one of these they smell absolutely delicious and Chino the carnivore loves them to they must be awesome. These are the soft chew ones which are great for training and the pumpkin helps with your dog’s tummy too which is great!

#3 Mr. Barksmiths
These little cool treats for your dog come in a variety of flavours. You simply put the cup in the freezer and let your dog enjoy. We got the pumpkin patch flavour this month. Can’t wait to try it out.

#4 Acadia Antlers
We have gotten Acadia Antlers in a past Barkbox and Chino loved it. Now he went crazy and it was the first thing he picked up. Why? It had a rope attached to it! He went crazy and the best part is the rope acts like a floss so little does he know his teeth are getting cleaned while he plays :) Love it!

The remainder of the box was a few offers that I believe may only be eligible to redeem in the US but I will be checking them out and passing them along to someone. Best of all Barkbox now has an app too! I don’t see how Barkbox continues to top themselves in month but I am super excited for the holiday box next month.

Check out barkbox at www.barkbox.com and get $5 off your first month’s subscription using this link https://barkbox.com/r/8pjkq8aiva/ or enter “leashandpaws” as a coupon code to redeem